Learn About HomeTrackR

It’s estimated that 40% of all existing homes on the market today have at least one serious issue!


Why HomeTrackR

HomeTrackR believes information transparency in the home buying process is key to helping consumers make more informed decisions.  Our mission is to provide home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals, with easy access to critical information about the history of a home.


  How we do it

HomeTrackR uses technology to gain a deeper understanding of what a home’s past means for you today. We use thousands of data points about residential properties and turn them into a tool you can use to make better buying decisions.


  What we do

We combine unique historical data about a home into an easy to understand and use report we call a QuickLook Home History Report.  Each report contains critical data that helps you make a better buying decision on your next home.

What’s in a QuickLook Home History Report™


Permits can reveal if past owners did their projects above board or under the table!


If permits were pulled, were all the inspections complete?


We give you home value from the leading industry sources in one place.


Know what items to be on the look out for before you buy


Fire can seriously damage a home.  If the home has history of fire, we will uncover it


Find out if a property has been a victim of water damage or a flood.


Termites do more damage nationwide than fires and floods combined


Ever wondered who did the past work on a home.?  We tell you who, and provide you with their contact information and consumer ratings if available.

Helping You Make Smarter Buying Decisions

HomeTrackR QuickLook Home History Reports take the mystery out of buying an existing home.  Exposing critical issues in a home’s history can save you time and money.  Don’t take someone’s word for it – Arm yourself with the most accurate data in the business.

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